Firefly 6

Setting your first task

Set your first piece of homework in Firefly.

Assigning homework is straight forward in Firefly. In just a few clicks, you can create a task and send it to your students. Dive into setting tasks by starting with a simple reading assignment. This tutorial will get you comfortable with the tools of creating tasks so you can get started with assigning homework in no time.

  1.  In the user bar, select Set a New Task.
  2. Enter the name of the person or class that you'd like to set the task to, or choose from your lists of classes and students. In this example, we'll set a task to the Year 10 English class.

  3. Select Task Title, then enter a title.

  4. To add a due date, select the calendar icon then choose a date.

    You can also select who can see this task.

  5. In the Assessment section, decide whether students are required to submit a file. As this is a reading assignment, no submissions are required.

  6. Choose how you want to assess the task. This assignment required no assessment. 
  7. OPTIONAL Add a description. You can format your text and add links if you want to. In this example, we don't really have anything more to add so we'll keep going.

  8. OPTIONAL Add an attachment. You can upload a file from your computer, Google Drive or One Drive, as well as attach an existing page. In this example, we don't really have anything more to add so we'll keep going.

  9. To publish your task, select Set Task.

    Your task is set. If you'd like to create another, select Set Another Task.

Your task appears in your list of tasks and recipients will be notified that a new task has been set for them.

You can create all sorts of tasks, from a simple reading assignment as we created above to more complex work. 

What's next?

Read about annotating and marking work, so you're ready when a student submits an assignment for grading.

Learn more

You can create all sorts of tasks, including complex assignments that require students to submit files. If you're interested in some of the ways you can utilise tasks, check out the following sections: