Firefly 6

Viewing your child's profile page

Access your child's profile to see their latest reports, check up on their work or review key facts, such as who their teachers are.

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Your Children then choose a child.
  2. Review their profile information. Each school can customise the information displayed on children's profiles, so you may only see a few of the sections listed below.

    Section name Information displayed
    Key Facts Key facts about your child, such as their teachers and the groups they belong to.
    Blogs Blog pages your child has created.
    Attendance Attendance information since the beginning of the school year and attendance information for the current week. To view all their attendance information, select See more attendance information.
    Behaviour Behaviour data since the beginning of the school year, behaviour data for the current week, and behaviour data for last week. To view all their behaviour data, select See more behaviour data.
    Reports Reports for the current academic year. To view all their reports, select See More Reports.
    Outstanding tasks Tasks that are overdue. To view all their tasks, including those that aren't overdue, select View All Tasks.
    Marks & Feedback Latest marks and feedback your child has received. To view all their marks and feedback, select View all marks & feedback.
    Posts, Comments & Edits Latest posts, comments or edits made by your child. To view all of them, select View All Posts, Comments & Edits.
    Timetable Your child's personal timetable.
    More information Links to your child's personal section and any personal blogs or pages they have created.

    If you don't see one of the sections above but would like to, try getting in touch with your school to request it.