Firefly 6

Changes for parents

Find out more about the changes we think you should tell parents about.

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Clearer navigation

For parents, we focused on making small changes that make it easier for them to find the information they care about. The process for logging in and browsing the site is still the same, so they won't need to re-learn how to access Firefly.

We've redesigned the menus parents use to navigate the site so that's personalised. Each parent can now quickly access information about their child(ren) from anywhere on the site. All the other content they usually access is still there, it's just easier to find.

More interactive tasks

Firefly tasks now allow students to send questions about their homework to teachers and submit multiple files of many different types. Any resources that teachers share as part of a task can be also be made available to parents should the teacher choose. As well as the summary comments and marks, parents will now also be able to see the teacher’s feedback on the work itself in the case where the teacher has annotated the work using Firefly.

Every interaction between the teacher and student is recorded in the task history, allowing parents to get a clear picture of your child's progress.