Firefly 6

Changes for students

Find out more about the changes we think you should tell students about.

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Clearer navigation

We've completely redesigned the menus students use to navigate the site. All of the great content their teachers have created is still there, but the menus are now much clearer, with the things they want to do more readily to hand. We've also made the navigation of the website and the app simpler so if they're familiar with one of them, then they already know how to use the other.

More interactive tasks

Teachers can set more complex tasks, with attachments or links to help students in their work. Students can leave comments on a task or even submit their work multiple times. They can see the full history of a task at any given time, allowing them to easily keep track of their progress and see how much they've improved.

New and improved app

We've completely redesigned the student app which is now called Firefly for Students. It's packed full of features and more beautiful than ever. Students can work in a way that suits them and their teachers. They can submit work that's been stored in services like Google and Office 365, can create and submit their work from almost any app as well as use their device to take photos to hand in any work created on paper too. 

School codes won't be changing, so we recommend reminding your students of the appropriate code ahead of time. Users will also be able to view a reminder of the school code in their Firefly account settings.  

The app is free to download and available for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.