Get a view of what the Firefly 6 version of Melody will look like for teachers, parents and students.

Teachers & staff

We know that tasks are a big part of teachers’ day-to-day usage of Firefly, so we made them a priority. Teachers can now quickly set a task from any page by using the new Set a New Task button in the user bar, or access their tasks list by using the Tasks button in the main navigation.

In order to make communication more efficient, we’ve also added a Messages button in the userbar that will take teachers straight to their inbox without needing to go back to the dashboard. 


We want to make it easier for students to showcase their work, so we're giving them much simpler access to their personal pages (previously called personal section) and personal blog.

Students can also add personal tasks from any page by selecting the Set a Personal Task button – perfect for creating their own to-do lists. 


One of our key design principles was to make it easier to find the information you need, so parents can now quickly access their child or children’s profile from any page by using a handy drop-down.

You can choose one of our pre-designed colour schemes, or customise the theme to suit your school’s colours. For more information and to order your free theme update, please go to