What's in Firefly 6?

We're really proud of the work that has gone into our most significant upgrade to Firefly yet. Here's a summary of what to expect in Firefly 6.

Clearer navigation

We've completely redesigned the menus used to navigate the site. All of your great content is still there, but the menus are now much clearer, with the things teachers, students and parents want to do more readily to hand. We've also made the navigation of the website and the app the same so if teachers are familiar with one of them, then they already know how to use the other.

Richer, more complex tasks

While it's still just a few clicks to set a task, teachers can now also add files or links and write descriptions without any character limits. On the web, they can even add rich resources to their task description, such as images, galleries, videos, and questions. 

More interactive tasks

Tasks are now built with feedback in mind. Teachers can send comments or files to students to help them improve their work.  In the iOS app, they'll be able to annotate PDFs without leaving the app itself – giving them a seamless marking and grading workflow.  Students are able to leave comments or even submit their work multiple times. Teachers can see the full response history of a task at any given time, allowing them to easily keep track of students' progress and demonstrate the evidence of their feedback. Keep students' work and teacher's own assessments all in one place whether students submit work online or on paper.

Parents can also see this progress and feedback if teachers want to make any task available via the Parent Portal.

New and improved apps

We've completely redesigned the teacher app, so it's packed full of features and more beautiful than ever. Likewise, the student app is also completely new, enabling students to submit work from many different sources, always working in a way that suits them. 

Smart lesson plans

The app knows each teacher's timetable and creates slots where they can add lesson plans. Lesson plans can be created ahead of time and reused, allowing teachers to plan their work more efficiently. We'll be bringing this functionality to the web version of Firefly in a future release.

Projection mode

We've added a brand new projection mode, allowing teachers to easily show their content to a class. With just a simple click, their content "pops out" and all menus are temporarily hidden away.

For more background into the research and principles that guided the development of Firefly 6, see our blog post

Now that you know what to expect, find out more about the upgrade process.