Benefits of the cloud

Find out how moving to the cloud will help your school. 

Firefly has provided schools with Firefly Cloud hosting for over 6 years. Over this time and through to today, teachers have enjoyed a reliable service and more of the latest features which we are unable to provide on local installations. Responses to our survey in March 2019 showed that our NPS score is 68 points higher in cloud hosted schools compared to those on local installations. Schools hosted on Firefly cloud also enjoy greater peace of mind in regard to data security and business continuity, as well as saving money on servers, licensing and maintenance.

Current features for the cloud

Firefly currently offers several features only to cloud schools. When you switch from local to cloud, your school and teachers will get access to these features.

Classoos integration

Teacher can add Classoos textbooks straight into their resources or tasks, so students can have access to these books within Firefly. This partnership offers a free trial, allowing teachers to share any Classoos textbook for free for up to 14 days per book, giving teachers even more resources to use in the classroom.

Task annotation

Teachers and students can annotate files on Firefly and easily send the annotated file as feedback or response to a task, which helps them adapt their teaching styles with more formative feedback.

More MIS integrations

We offer additional integrations with common management information systems, such as PCSchool.

Deeper MIS integrations

Our existing MIS integrations have more features, such as the API integration with SIMS. 

Upcoming features for the cloud

These are some planned upcoming features which will only be available for schools on the cloud. As features are added to our product roadmap, anything that is new to Firefly will only be available to cloud schools.

Plagiarism checking

The widespread use of computers and the advent of the Internet has made it easier to plagiarise the work of others. Manual checking of papers for plagiarism can be very difficult and time consuming. For this reason, many teachers have started to use plagiarism checker tools.

We’re currently looking into integrating a plagiarism checker into the Firefly’s task workflow so teachers can validate the originality of student work without leaving Firefly.

Keep learning when school is closed

Wherever you are in the world, the ability to carry on the process of teaching and learning when school is closed is of great importance. Schools from Cairo to London are relying on Firefly Cloud to keep them operational even when no-one can make it in and without depending on the school’s physical infrastructure or internet connection.


Our uptime figure is consistently 99.99%. This is a figure that is unachievable on a local server that is kept fully up to date with security updates and operating system patches. Firefly Cloud is monitored and supported around the clock by teams based in London and Sydney and does not rely on your school IT support responding out of hours. We are able to scale resources when schools are busiest, for example at the beginning of a new term or in exam season. We’ve prepared an accompanying document that gives more detailed information on how we ensure Firefly’s reliability in the cloud in a way that just isn’t possible in the local version of Firefly.

Faster support

Our support team can respond quickly to requests and deploy bug fixes to the cloud in minutes. Once all our schools are in the cloud, we will be able to test and deploy new features more quickly as we remove the need to duplicate testing for installers and local configurations.