Read about how other schools made the switch from local to cloud.

What schools say

Firefly was great at guiding us through moving from our local setup to the cloud. There was somebody on hand throughout and they even arranged for us to migrate over a weekend in the holidays reducing the effect on students, staff and parents. The added benefit of reducing our server infrastructure and knowing teaching/learning resources would be available 24/7 meant moving to cloud was the only way to go.
Jason Harknett, St Edmund's College

A massive advantage about moving to cloud is the speed has improved amazingly as it took too long to load on the local servers.
Andy Clarkson, Lady Eleanor Holles School

I want to emphasize how smoothly the migration had gone for us and how we had all these concerns which ended up not bearing out in reality.
Elizabeth Scott, Queen's Gate School

The Firefly team migrated our existing content over the summer holiday with no issues, and we were up and running in the cloud within a week.
Richard Hindley, Westminster School

I have been Director of ICT at ESMS for the past 2 years and the headline with Firefly on the cloud is that we have had no issues. With laptops, PCs and a myriad of phones all we need is a browser and an internet connection. Storing data onsite is costly and requires careful management, whereas moving to the cloud shifts that responsibility of risk to a third party with more experience in this field than us. In turn that allows our staff to focus on other areas. Support from Firefly has been first class but cloud hosting also streamlines support since any issues we experience can be fixed without the complication of giving access to our own servers remotely.
Stuart Jackson, ESMS

The Firefly cloud platform really takes the system, and its complete integration to the next level. By ensuring all our students have the student planner app on their devices we are confident to set tasks, review tasks and have students upload info in lessons. We also utilise verbal feedback frequently so that conversations in class are captured for the parents to listen to and support when they review tasks with their children. The ability to brand the cloud is also immensely powerful for us as we are able to ensure consistency of brand across all learning tools and ensure everything that is outward facing has the same message and quality. The single sign on function also negates the searching for passwords and logins with students which used to be to thorn in all teachers sides!
Christian Bishop, Wellington Christian College