Parents app overview & documentation

Learn about and find documentation for the Firefly for Parents apps.


The Firefly for Parents apps help parents track their children's progress and make sure they stay on top of information and messages from their school.

When parents are using the apps, schools see benefits, including:

  • Receiving fewer password requests to your school’s IT team.

  • Saving money with no more SMS or printed letters sent home.
  • Staying in control of how parents receive information and updates – and giving them what they want, increasing parent satisfaction.
  • Branding the app to match your school or group's colours and logo (unlimited licence only).

With the apps, parents can:

  • Log in once, without having to constantly remember passwords.
  • Stay up to date with their children’s academic and personal development – including viewing homework, attendance, behaviour and reports with a single tap.
  • Receive push notifications when the school makes recommendations, when it requests information or when a teacher sends a message.
  • Keep track of what’s been done and what’s outstanding, such as school trip forms. 

In order to use Firefly for Parents, your school needs to be licenced both for Parent Portal and Mobile Apps. Please contact [email protected] team to find out more.

App documentation

You can review the Firefly for Parents app documentation to familiarise yourself and to help point parents in the right direction when they are using the apps. Distribute or share these guides using the email template found on Introducing users to the Firefly apps. These guides contain helpful videos and instructions to familiarise users with Firefly's apps.

The Firefly for Parents (Apple) guide shows parents how to log into the app, read messages, and check on their students for Apple (iOS) devices.

The Firefly for Parents (Android) guide shows parents how to log into the app, read messages, and check on their students for Android devices.