Planning the Parent Portal

Set up the Parent dashboard and define permissions for the Parent Portal, then invite parents to start using it.

Parent Portal overview

The Firefly Parent Portal allows schools to share information on Firefly with the parent community of their school. The school can choose exactly which pages they would like parents to have access to, what information about their child they can see as well as send messages and forms.

Creating a parents' dashboard

When parents log into Firefly, we recommend they are directed to a different dashboard to that of other users, so the information on the dashboard is relevant to them.

Plugin configuration

Configure attendance, behaviour and change contact details, or manage reports for the Parent Portal.

Setting profile permissions

Use profile permissions to decide what profile information each category of user on Firefly can view.

Parent Portal pre-launch check

After you've configured the Parent Portal, it's essential to trial it to make sure everything is set up and working the way it is intended before introducing it to parents.

Inviting parents to log in for the first time

For those schools launching their Parent Portal, we have pulled together some ideas that can be used to give parents the information they require. 

Communication options with parents

Find out more about the many ways to communicate with parents using the Parent Portal.