Creating a parents' dashboard

When parents log into Firefly, we recommend they are directed to a different dashboard to that of other users, so the information on the dashboard is relevant to them.

  1. Log in to your Firefly site as a Firefly Administrator and open the Control Panel.
  2. In the Structure tab, select Modify this site.
  3. Select the Features tab, then choose Add a new dashboard.
  4. Enter a title for the dashboard and choose who to Show dashboard to:
    • If your Firefly is cloud hosted, select Parents.
    • If your Firefly is locally hosted and your MIS is SIMS, select Users logged in with SIMS:Parent.
    • If your Firefly is locally hosted and your MIS is PASS, select Users logged in with PASS:Parent.
  5. Choose Add Dashboard to save your changes.
  6. Select Switch Dashboard.
  7. Choose your new dashboard from the drop-down, then select Switch Dashboard. You're now on your new dashboard.
  8. Select the arrow next to Switch Dashboard, then choose Edit Page. You can customise the dashboard in the same way as any other page within Firefly, as per the school's requirements.

    As a guide, it's worth deleting the following components: Your Tasks and Timetable.
  9. OPTIONAL Add Related People and Groups. This gives parents a shortcut to their children's profile pages.
  10. OPTIONAL Add Contact Details. This shows parents their contact details from the school's MIS and allows them to request changes.
  11. Select Publish or Done to save your changes.

The parent dashboard is updated.

Don't forget to switch back to your usual dashboard once you're done.