Parent Portal overview

The Firefly Parent Portal allows schools to share information on Firefly with the parent community of their school. The school can choose exactly which pages they would like parents to have access to, what information about their child they can see as well as send messages and forms.

In this article, we set out the steps to follow to ensure that parents are introduced to your Parent Portal in the most effective way.


Please contact the Client Experience team to arrange a call in order to discuss the following:
  • What sections of the site would you like to have available to parents? E.g. will there be a dedicated 'parents' area or will subject sections be made available?
  • What profile information would you like to be available?  E.g. homework, attendance, behaviour, reports etc.
  • Engaging teachers in using the Parent Portal.
  • Timing and phasing the roll-out. Including setting a date with a member of your technical team for the Parent Portal activation, a date for the pre-launch check and your anticipated launch date.

It will be useful to have the school's project lead and a member of the technical support team available.


Before the activation can take place, please ensure that your data is correctly configured in your MIS. Once set up, the rest of the steps can all be carried out by your planning team. We're happy to help at any point, just let us know! Documentation to guide you in the technical setup can be found here.

Setting up calendars

If you have a calendar that you would like to be made available to parents, then this can be added to the parent dashboard.

Creating the parent dashboard

It's important that parents have their own parent dashboard configured with the information particularly relevant to them.

Configuring attendance

Attendance data in the MIS can be made available on each child's profile. You can choose which events are displayed and name them appropriately.

Configuring behaviour

Selected rewards and sanctions can be displayed on the child's profile. You can choose exactly which ones are shown and each one can be named appropriately.

Managing reports

Any reports in the schools' MIS can be presented on the Parent Portal exactly as they are formatted in the MIS. Reports can be managed through Firefly so that you can choose which reports are published for which groups of students.

Configuring parent contact details

Parents can notify your administrator of any changes of contact details by filling in a form on the parent portal.

Setting profile permissions

The student profile has several elements to it and you can choose which parents are able to see. For instance you may wish to make reports available form the start but choose to bring in attendance data at a later date. Profile permissions allow you to tailor the profile for each set of users.

Parent Portal pre-launch check

Once the various elements that you wish to incorporate into your Parent Portal have been added, a member of the Client Experience team will contact you to go through your portal with you in order to ensure that it is providing the information that are hoping and to the right people. Once these checks are completed you are ready to launch to parents.

Launch to parents

Now that everything is ready, all that remains is to invite parents to log in for the first time. We have some parent dashboard and child profile documentation that you can share with parents too.