Parent Portal pre-launch check

After you've configured the Parent Portal, it's essential to trial it to make sure everything is set up and working the way it is intended before introducing it to parents.

If you have a teacher who is also a parent, you may want to ask them to activate their Parent Portal account and check they see what you wish them to.

Alternatively as a Firefly Administrator you can use the View Site As function within Firefly to view the site as a parent prior to parents logging in.

Items to check are:
  • As a parent when I log in I should be directed to the Parents Dashboard.
  • On the Parents Dashboard I should only see links to my own children.
  • Is the menu structure that is visible correct for a parent, eg if they can see a Staff section this could mean section permissions for the site need to be looked at.
  • If I try searching for a student's name, I should only be able to see my own children.
  • Profile pictures. Are these set up as intended?
If you have any questions about checking your Parent Portal please don't hesitate to contact the Client Experience team.