Firefly 6

Configuring attendance

Configure attendance within the Parent Portal so that the correct number of attendance sessions and appropriate attendance codes are displayed.

  1. Log in to your Firefly site as a Firefly Administrator and open the Control Panel.
  2. Select Plugin Configuration, then choose Configuration for Attendance Profile Plugin.
  3. Select General
  4. Tick Enable Parent Portal Attendance.
  5. CLOUD SCHOOLS If you're a cloud school, attendance will have been configured by your school's IT manager when setting up the Parent Portal, so you won't see a drop-down and can move on to step 5. LOCAL SCHOOLS Select the attendance method you wish to use:
    • If you want to display AM and PM session attendance, choose yourMIS-session.
    • If you want to display lesson by lesson attendance, choose yourMIS-lesson.

  6. Configure the codes that are used within your MIS for attendance. Enter your attendance codes for PresentLateAbsent: Authorised, and Absent: Unauthorised. These categories will already show default values which you can add to by putting a comma followed by the value you wish to show within the category.
  7. To enable a custom date range for the attendance report displayed on the profile of students who are members of a specific group, select Configuration.
  8. Select Add new override.
  9. Choose a group of students for the override to apply to, such as international classes who might have a different calendar year than other students.
  10. Select a start and end date for the override.
  11. Select Plugin Configuration to save your configuration.
  12. Browse to a student's profile to see the attendance data.