Firefly 6

Configuring behaviour - iSAMS

Configure the behaviour plugin so that you can display positive and negative behaviour types from iSAMS in the Parent Portal.

  1. Log into your Firefly site as a Firefly Administrator and go into the Control Panel.
  2. Select Plugin Configuration, then choose Configuration for Behaviour Profile Plugin.
  3. Tick Enable Parent Portal Behaviour.
  4. Add the behaviour types:
    • The Title and Subtitle items are text that's displayed directly on the Firefly page.
    • The Identifier needs to match the information you have iSAMS. It should be the Module Type, followed by a hyphen and then the Category. For example, if you have a Module Type called Commendation and a category called Gold under it, you should enter Commendation-Gold (no spaces).

    If you run into any issues, please get in touch with [email protected].

  5. Select Plugin Configuration to save your changes.

If you browse to a student's profile, you can now see the behaviour they have been given.