Firefly 6

Configuring change contact details

Parents can view the contact details the school has for them in the school's MIS system and request changes. These requests are then sent to an email address of your choice so that the changes can be made in the MIS.

  1. Log in to your Firefly site as a Firefly Administrator and go into the Control Panel.
  2. Select the Plugin Configuration tab, then select Configuration for Change Contact Details.
  3. Fill in the details:
    • Email address/es that the form is sent to: Enter the email addresses you wish for the change request to be sent to, e.g. school office or MIS administrator, followed by a comma.
    • The message that is displayed when the change contact details form is being filled in: When a user is requesting a change they will see this message at the top of the request form.
    • The message that is displayed after the form has been submitted: When a user has filled in any changes and submits the form, this is the confirmation message that will be displayed.
  4. Select Plugin Configuration to save the changes.

The change contact details component is updated.

Please note that this component will need to be added to the parents' dashboard in order for parents to see it.