Firefly 6

Managing reports

Display reports pulled from your MIS in Firefly.

This guide presumes that the corresponding report uploader has been installed and run.

  1. Go to a student's profile and select Manage Reports. This displays all the reports Firefly has found from your MIS, alongside their publication status. By default, the reports aren't published and therefore invisible to non-administrators.
  2. Select Manage to bring up a report's details. In this example, we'll be looking at the Spring Report.
  3. Review the batch details. You can see the name, date and visibility status of the batch. 
  4. Rename the report. Firefly pulls the report name from your MIS, which is not always very descriptive. To change a report's name, select the Name field then modify the text.
  5. Select Update to save.
  6. Change the date. Firefly pulls the date your report was last modified in your MIS. In the Manage Reports view, all of your reports are displayed in chronological order according to the last modified date, which might not be what you want. To change the date of a report, select the Date field and use the calendar picker to choose a new date.
  7. Select Update to save.
  8. OPTIONAL Remove duplicate entries. If multiple revisions of reports are held in SIMS, multiple revisions of reports for a student will appear in a batch. In the example above, Sally Student has two reports. To identify the correct revision, you'll need to select the name of the reports (e.g. 2015 Spring Report - Year 8 - Sally Student) to open them and compare them. When you have identified the report you wish to remove, select Withdraw.
    The report's status will change from Visible to Withdrawn - Not Visible.
  9. Publish your reports:
    • Choose Test Publish if you want the reports to only be visible for Firefly Administrators.
    • Choose Publish to everyone if you want the reports to be visible for anyone who has permission to view that profile.

You don't need to individually manage reports. If you selected a group in step 2, then updating the publication settings for one student in that group will also update them for every other student in that group.