Setting profile permissions

Use profile permissions to decide what profile information each category of user on Firefly can view.

For example, you might want to allow teachers to see student profile pictures but for students to be unable see one another's profile picture.

Profile permissions are also used to define who can view content which is set as private or public in personal sections.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like any extra help in checking that these permissions are set correctly.

  1. From the Control Panel, choose Advanced > Profile Permissions. You can also access this from the link at the top of any profile page.
  2. Choose the element of the profile page that you would like to set permissions for. In this example, we'll be looking at the Profiles themselves.
  3. Choose which users are able to view this element of the profile. In this example, we're setting permissions for the key facts on the profile page and have selected that Teachers and Firefly Administrators can view all profiles. 

    The Access to all setting applies to all of Firefly and overrides the Selective access setting. In this example, teachers and Firefly administrators can see the profiles for every user in Firefly. The options chosen in the Selective access setting are distinct and provide additional access to specific groups of users based on the relationships set up in your MIS. No matter what you choose in the Selective access option, the users chosen in the Access to all setting will still have access to all profile pages across Firefly. 

  4. Choose which users have access to some profiles. In this case, parents can see their children's profile pages.

    Note that some of these choices only apply to certain groups. E.g. The choice Their Tutors is only relevant to students. Similarly, Their Tutor Pupils is only relevant when considering what teachers will view. All related users includes all users with a direct link to the person in question. For example, for a student it could be their teachers, their parents, and their tutors.
  5. Select Profile Permissions: Profiles to save your changes.
  6. Use View Site as to check the settings you have made by visiting some profiles as if you were a student or parent etc.