Planning the project

From the planning meeting all the way through to training, follow our tips on how to plan your project.

Preparing for a planning meeting

Prepare for the planning meeting so that Firefly can be rolled out to the school as effectively as possible.

Preparing the system

Follow our guidelines on how to prepare your system and get the most out of Firefly.

Planning the menu

Find out more about the menu structure, and plan the Resources menu.

Constructing the page menu

Having created the main section menu, the next consideration is the page menu structure. While the names of the pages may vary from school to school, the concept behind the structure of them is the same.

Configuring the dashboard

Setting up a dashboard (or several).

Branding your Firefly site

Viewing as another user

As an administrator, you can view the site as someone else in order to check that the permissions and dashboard are properly set up.

Preparing for initial training

Training is an important opportunity to make sure everyone is confident that they know how to use Firefly and that they understand the school's expectations around how it will be used.

Migrating from your old system

A few things you may want to consider when planning to implement Firefly and move content and files from an old VLE or intranet.