Setting up a dashboard

Edit the dashboard so that it contains the information you'd like.

All the normal editing options are available to you as well as some dashboard specific ones such as tasks and announcements.

We recommend that you keep to the default layout and configuration for the dashboard to enable easy navigation for users.
  1. In the main navigation bar, select Dashboard.
  2. Select the arrow next to Switch Dashboard, then choose Edit Page.
  3. Use the editor toolbar to add content to your dashboard.

    Some of the components are specific to the dashboard, such as Quick Blog.

    The new Planner functionality is now available on Firefly 6. The dashboard will need to be reconfigured to include the Planner Preview, which can be found on the editor toolbar. We recommend replacing the Timetable option with the new Planner Preview, as this section is more robust.

  4. Remove or edit content, such as Posts, Comments and Edits. Select the item and delete it, or choose the cog icon to edit it. 

Use page history to restore any comment threads or to back to previous versions of the dashboard.