Firefly 6

Configuring the planner preview section

Edit the dashboard to replace the Timetable section with the Planner Preview section.

The new planner functionality is now available on Firefly 6. The dashboard needs  to be reconfigured to include the Planner Preview. We recommend replacing the Timetable option with the new Planner Preview, as this section is more robust and contains information about upcoming classes for teachers and students, as well as a link to the full planner for teachers. The full planner contains the teacher's timetable using an updated, easy to read day and week view, and it allows teachers to write and view lesson plans

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Dashboard.
  2. Select the arrow next to Switch Dashboard, then choose Edit Page.
  3. Select the Timetable section.

  4. Choose the cog icon.
  5. Select Remove Calendar.
  6. In the editor toolbar, choose More.


  7. Select Planner Preview.

  8. Choose Done.

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