Setting up multiple dashboards

Firefly comes with one dashboard but it is possible to set up different dashboards for different groups of users, e.g. one each for students, parents, and teachers.

Different dashboards allow different sets of information to be made available for different groups. E.g. you could present each user's timetable on the dashboard for staff and students, but it does not make sense to have that on the parents' dashboard.  Similarly, you might want text links to certain services available to students and a different set for teachers. The same theme will be applied to all dashboards.

Dashboards are ordered in the list based on creation order. The oldest dashboard appears first in the list. Users with access to multiple dashboards view the first one in the list by default.

  1. From the Control Panel, select Modify this site.
  2. Choose the Features tab.
  3. Select Add a new dashboard.
  4. Give your new dashboard a name and define who can see it.
  5. Select Add Dashboard to create it.
  6. To view your new dashboard, select Dashboard in the main navigation bar. At the bottom of the page, select Switch Dashboard and choose your new dashboard or any of the different dashboards available. Find out more about switching dashboards here.
  7. Select the arrow next to Switch Dashboard then choose Edit page. Set the permissions so that the page is visible only to the group you'd like to have this as their default dashboard.
  8. Edit the dashboard so that it contains the information you'd like. All the normal editing options are available to you, as well as some dashboard-specific ones such as the tasks and announcements.

The default configuration of the dashboard is by design.

For student and teacher dashboards, we don't recommended changing the order of announcements, tasks or the planner, nor to change the page template.
The dashboard is a great place to give users quick links to webmail, CEOPS etc. Different calendars can be displayed along with a news feed of the last few news stories.