Migrating from your old system

A few things you may want to consider when planning to implement Firefly and move content and files from an old VLE or intranet.

Start afresh?

There may be many useful resources on your previous system as well as many old and obsolete files. Even when migrating existing resources, your Firefly project can be a great opportunity to start again.

  • Firefly encourages teachers to think in terms of 'pages' rather than files (without removing any familiar workflows with files like office documents, video & audio). Firefly pages are viewable on any device whereas files often are not, depending on what additional software is available on a user's device. It therefore can be an advantage to encourage teachers to focus on creating new, engaging pages of content whilst still offering them access to the back catalogue of files.
  • It is worth considering that your biggest advocates for e-learning initiatives in the school may feel like they have the most to lose from the migrating process as they will be the ones with the most content to move. It is important that they are offered support in transitioning their content to Firefly so that they feel confident to continue to be an advocate.

Firefly managed migration

For those occasions where there is significant content on an old system and it is important that there is continuity between the old and the new, we offer a managed migration service.

In order for us to look at migrating your content, we will need the following:

  • Credentials for the current school system. The account should be set at a high enough level that every relevant area of the old content can be scoped.
  • A list of the areas of the old system that need to be migrated (or a list of those that can be ignored)
  • The date by which migration should be completed (usually shortly before the date of any whole-school training)

Please bear in mind that migration can only take place once Firefly has been made externally accessible and the new menu structure has been put in place (so we know where to migrate your content to!)