We recommend having your resources in place before introducing too many people in the school to Firefly, as subsequent changes can be confusing and off-putting. 

It's also useful to remember that any page can also be accessed directly using the dashboard via recommended pages and bookmarks.

Write permissions

Once the menu structure is in place, the next thing to do is to set permissions so that after the enthusiasm built in the training session, teachers can immediately begin creating content in their curriculum area. This is best done once Firefly is integrated with your MIS (SIMS, Pass etc.) so that groups can be easily assigned. If you use Active Directory (AD), these groups can be used instead or in addition. The best approach will have been discussed in your planning meeting but if you're not sure how to assign permissions, please contact our support team.

Quick menu checklist

Here's a summary of the key issues to bear in mind. You can also refer to your demo site to see some typical menu examples.

  • Keep menu titles short
  • Ask yourself if the navigation make sense for your students
  • You can have links to internal school web services (e.g. webmail, library) and external websites either in the menu or on key pages
  • You can set permissions on sections (but keep it simple). E.g. Staff section can be hidden from pupils