Preparing for a planning meeting

Prepare for the planning meeting so that Firefly can be rolled out to the school as effectively as possible.

Meeting agenda

The planning meeting covers:

  • choosing a theme, deciding on a logo and colours (for schools on the Plus and Unlimited packages only)
  • setting up a suitable menu structure.
  • deciding best options for training and roll-out of Firefly.
  • checking any issues around migration of any pre-existing content
  • checking the progress of installation and MIS integration, and identifying any possible holdups

We've found these meetings work best if there's a deputy head or senior member of the academic staff along with a key person from IT and perhaps an interested Head of Dept or ICT coordinator there.

The meetings generally take around 2 hours although it's helpful to allow a little room to spill over if required. It's also helpful to have access to a PC with internet access.

There should be a clear point of contact at the school — usually the project leader. This person should:

  • ensure that the technical details have been put in place
  • have access to a phone in case there is a need for quick contact
  • supply a list of names of those present with titles and email addresses
  • help conduct the meeting on the school side, checking that all can hear and take part effectively

Technical setup

Video conferencing works extremely well for planning meetings as there is a clear focus to the agenda. A Firefly Client Experience team member will host and conduct the meeting, but there are a few things that you can do to help ensure it all runs smoothly.


Please use video wherever possible. It's really helpful for us to see who you are and put faces to names. We'll also provide a video stream from our side. The only exception to this is if the bandwidth is struggling, in which case switching to audio-only may improve the quality of the connection.


We recommend setting up external audio speakers so that everyone in the room can hear well. The seating arrangement should be such that everyone at the school can be picked up clearly by the microphone.


The Firefly team member hosting the meeting will send an invite shortly before the meeting begins. Before that, it is important that you have installed one of the services below and let us know which one you intend to use. All the options below are free.

ApplicationDownload linkNotes
Zoom is our preferred method. You can test the microphone and video settings by starting a meeting.
Skype is a useful fallback in the event that one of the other methods does not work. Please ensure you have Skype installed and that someone is logged in who can be connected to.
Gotomeeting might already be installed on the device you would like to use. If so, please let us know and we can also use Gotomeeting to contact you. If it isn't installed, then try installing Zoom instead.