Preparing for initial training

Training is an important opportunity to make sure everyone is confident that they know how to use Firefly and that they understand the school's expectations around how it will be used.


Our standard format for the training day consists of two one-hour workshop sessions with the same set of (up to) 15-20 staff. The first workshop session covers basic first steps such as creating new pages, working with text, images and links, as well as video and audio content. The second covers interactive tasks such as setting assignments and tests online for completion by students, as well as using the dashboard page and pushing tasks out to other users. Our trainers will also include sections on the use of the Firefly for Teachers & Firefly for Students apps as appropriate.

Who should be trained?

Whenever possible, we like to be able to train all the staff as Firefly is so easy to use and there is no reason to restrict training to a 'champions' group. We can take two full sessions in any given day and in addition, as an option, we will happily begin the day with a thirty-minute introduction presentation to staff. We can also arrange a forty-five minute informal meeting with senior management/IT staff to discuss strategy, including site structure, permissions and any future development. We can also arrange to supply additional trainers or additional days as required and these options will be discussed at your planning meeting.

We can offer a degree of flexibility if you wish to organise your training day differently and we will adapt the speed of delivery to suit teachers no matter what their level of confidence. By the end of the training, everyone will have created resources and set and marked some work and be ready to begin to use Firefly in earnest!

Getting ready

About a week before the date of the training, one of our team will contact the school to remotely test Firefly on one of the devices used for training and run through our pre-training health-check. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly on the day.

Training should take place in an ICT room so that everyone has desktop access on a fully updated PC/Mac. If staff are expecting to use the Firefly for Teachers app, then it's good if they have their iPad with them in addition.