Preparing the system

Follow our guidelines on how to prepare your system and get the most out of Firefly.

Optimal system specs

Ensuring that a few simple things are set up on your network can make a significant difference to how much your teachers and students can get out of Firefly.

Supported browsers

Download and install a recent browser to ensure optimum performance in Firefly.

Preparing your MIS data

Find out more about the MIS data Firefly uses and how to best prepare before integration.

Other school management system integrations

If you aren't using a management information system, student information system or student management system that has supported integration with Firefly, you can add your student, teacher, and parent data via uploading a ZIP file of CSV files.

Display name options for teachers & parents

Firefly offers options for how teachers' and parents' names are displayed. We can set these up for you during the MIS integration.

Setting site permissions

Set the site permissions that define who can log into Firefly. Follow our guidelines to make the most of Firefly's page visibility view, and give you most flexibility as your use of Firefly develops.