Other school management system integrations

If you aren't using a management information system, student information system or student management system that has supported integration with Firefly, you can add your student, teacher, and parent data via uploading a ZIP file of CSV files.

Please share these pages with the provider of your MIS/SIS/SMS in order to create an export routine specifically designed to output the required data, without you having to do manual work in Excel or equivalent.

Bulk upload of user & group data

The format has been designed so that it will be possible to manipulate existing known export formats into the correct format for Firefly with the least work. In particular, there are a couple of different ways you can represent class data, to allow you to pick the most convenient one.

Defining students, teachers & parents

Create three CSV files for storing data about students, teachers, and parents. 

Defining groups

As well as defining students, teachers and parents, you need to define groups for forms, years and classes. You can also define custom groups.

Linking students & teachers to classes

Before students can be placed into class groups, the groups themselves must be defined in the group list.

Linking parents to their children

Once the users are defined, there are two ways to relate students to their parents. Choose the one that makes it easiest for you to create the CSV based on your existing systems and export routines.

Placing students or teachers into custom groups

Before users can be placed into custom groups, the groups themselves must be defined in the group list. Once the custom groups are defined, there are two ways to place users into groups.

Defining student & teacher timetables

Student and teacher timetables in Firefly are populated based on defined lessons for classes, rather than individual timetables for each user.

Importing student & teacher profile pictures

Student and teacher profile pictures can be uploaded using the related Bulk Upload Profile Pictures tool.

Importing attendance, behaviour & reports

Unfortunately attendance, behaviour and reports cannot be imported via CSV and are only shown in Firefly if you are using a supported MIS with integration setup.