Bulk upload of user & group data

The format has been designed so that it will be possible to manipulate existing known export formats into the correct format for Firefly with the least work. In particular, there are a couple of different ways you can represent class data, to allow you to pick the most convenient one.

Our support team can advise you if the import is not working as you expected. The support team can also manually roll back your user and group data to a previously uploaded version if you need it.

You can find the bulk upload tool within the Control Panel, under the Users tab.

Please note that each upload will replace all previous data. It’s not possible to add a few users using the tool. As a result, we recommend you keep a copy of your ZIP file.

This document explains the format of the ZIP file and the comma separated values files (CSV files) within it that you need to upload. An example ZIP file is also available.

Once users have been uploaded using the tool, new users will need to activate their accounts by using an email based password reset. If they don't have an email address, you'll need to use the Reset password tool in the Control Panel (also in the Users tab) and then separately communicate them their username and password.

What does the bulk upload tool set up in Firefly?

  • Student, teacher and parent user accounts
  • Groups containing "All Students", "All Teachers" and "All Parents"
  • Class groups, form groups, year groups, and optional custom groups
  • "Parents Of" groups for classes, forms and year groups
  • Links between students and their teachers, teachers and their form pupils, and between students and their parents
  • Profile pictures for students and teachers
  • Timetables for students and teachers

What does the bulk upload tool not import into Firefly?

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Reports