Firefly 6

Defining student & teacher timetables

Student and teacher timetables in Firefly are populated based on defined lessons for classes, rather than individual timetables for each user.

For teachers, Firefly will build the timetable by looking at what classes a teacher teaches and when lessons are scheduled for those classes. For students, the timetable will be built by looking up what classes a student is part of and adding lessons scheduled for that class onto the student’s timetable.

These timetabled lesson events should be defined in a file named events.csv. You need to add a row for each time a class is taught, not just each time a class appears in your period structure. So for example if Class A was taught every Monday Period 1 at 9:00AM all year, you would have 52 rows for each year for that class – one for each time the class is taught on a specific day.

Column header Data type Description Example
ID Text containing only characters a- z, A-Z, 0-9 and -. A unique, un-changing identifier for the lesson. This should not change or be repeated, or lesson plans or other data tied to the lesson may be lost. 2384329
Name Text The name/subject of the lesson Maths
Class ID or name of Class group The class’s identifier (recommended) or name 6654
Teacher ID or email address or username of teacher The teacher’s user identifier (recommended), email address or username 77977
Room Text The name of the room the lesson will take place in Room E7
Date Date The date of the lesson 2016-01-01
Start Time Time Start time of the lesson 16:00
End Time Time End time of the lesson 16:30