Firefly 6

Defining students, teachers & parents

Create three CSV files for storing data about students, teachers, and parents. 

These files should be called teachers.csv, students.csv, and parents.csv.

To define a student, teacher or parent user, you need to add a row in the corresponding CSV file with the following values in the following columns (the order of the columns in the CSV does not matter). Please make sure that you use a unique identifier that does not change for the user in the ID column. A good example would be a number generated by your schools MIS, a bad example would be using the row number in the CSV, or a users email address, which might change.

Not all columns need to be defined; for example, Form and Year columns are ignored for parents, so do not need to be provided. If a value is missing or unknown for a particular user, please just leave it blank in the CSV file rather than including a value like "NULL"

Column header Data type Description Example
ID Text containing only characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and - A unique, un-changing identifier for the user (as generated from your MIS). 77977
Name Text The user's full name as it will be displayed. Steve Jobs
First name Text The user's first name. Steve
Surname Text The user's surname. Jobs
Initials Text The user's initials. SJ
E-mail email address The user's email address, which will be used for logging in. [email protected]
Username Text A username for the user for logging in. (Leave blank unless required; users can log in using their email address.)  
Form ID or name of Form group For a student, represents the form group that the student is in. For a teacher, the form the teacher looks after. 124312312 or Form 1A
Year ID or name of Year group For a student, represents the year group that the student is in. Ignored for teachers and parents, leave blank. 232341 or Year 7