Importing student & teacher profile pictures

Student and teacher profile pictures can be uploaded using the related Bulk Upload Profile Pictures tool.

Please make sure you have uploaded the CSV of users and groups prior to uploading profile pictures.

To upload profile pictures, upload a ZIP file with two subfolders called students, and teachers, each containing all the pictures of the relevant set of users. 

The images should be in JPEG format with extension .jpg or .jpeg, and must be named as per the unique user identifier in the CSV. For example, for the Steve Jobs user mentioned on this page, the profile picture would need to be called 77977.jpg or 77977.jpeg and placed within the students folder in the ZIP file.

The ZIP file must include profile pictures for all students and staff as it will overwrite all previous profile pictures. It's not possible to selectively upload a few pictures. Please save your original ZIP file in case you need to add additional students or teachers in future.