Linking parents to their children

Once the users are defined, there are two ways to relate students to their parents. Choose the one that makes it easiest for you to create the CSV based on your existing systems and export routines.

Before parents can be linked to their children, both the student and the parent users must be entered.

Option 1: Add additional columns to the students’ CSV

  1. Add extra columns to the students’ CSV file with headers that start "Parent". For example: "Parent 1", "Parent 2", "Parent 3".

  2. For each student row you created above, place a user identifier (recommended) or an email address or username for each of the student’s parents into the relevant columns.

Option 2: Add additional rows to a separate CSV file

  1. Create another CSV file called student-link-parents.csv.

  2. Give this CSV file two columns: "ID" and "Parent".

  3. Add additional rows to the CSV with the following format to link students to their parents, one for each parent of each student.

Column header

Data type




Text containing only characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and -. 

A unique, un-changing identifier for the student, matching an existing student row in the CSV.




The parent's user identifier


Here is an example CSV file which can be used as a base to start from: