MIS data & Firefly integration

Find out the key data that Firefly uses and get advice on how to set up this information where needed.

Integration with your MIS is an important consideration when setting up and maintaining Firefly. Because each MIS is different, you will find specific details on the setup of each MIS in the other pages of this section.

MIS integration

Firefly currently integrates with the following management information systems:

  • iSAMS
  • SchoolBase (Furlong)
  • SIMS 7 (Capita)
  • PASS/3Sys (WCBS)
  • Synergetic
  • TASS.web
  • Engage (Double First)
  • Facility CMIS (Advanced Learning)
  • Progresso (Advanced Learning)

This list is not exhaustive. For more information, contact your account manager.

Creating users

Once connected, every active teacher and on-roll student will be available as a user in Firefly. If Parent Portal is enabled, then parent users will also be available.

Enabling users to log in

Firefly uses email to send messages and tasks, and to allow users to log in. Users will therefore require an email address on their MIS profile. The email address should be one for which they have access to the inbox. Which email is used depends on the MIS and can require configuring. 

Teachers who are also parents

For teachers who are also parents, two email addresses will be required: their school email against their normal profile and also their personal email which will be linked to their child's information. This usually means having two profiles in your MIS for the one person: one as a teacher, the other as the parent.


Firefly displays the timetable for each user where applicable and also uses this information for the Firefly for Teachers and Firefly for Students apps. It will show one class per period. Wherever possible, please ensure that classes are combined and that clashes are resolved by not having overlapping times.

Other MIS data

The following information from your MIS is also used by Firefly:

  • groups (including classes, registration groups, year groups)
  • profile pictures

Other MIS data - Parent Portal only

The following information from MIS is used for Parent Portal only:

  • attendance
  • behaviour/rewards from SIMS behaviour module
  • reports - brought through as they are formatted from each student's document repository
  • parent contact details