Preparing data - SIMS

Learn the best way to prepare SIMS before integrating with Firefly.

Getting started

Ensure that all users requiring Firefly access have a current and valid email address marked as Primary or Main

All users logging in for the first time will need access to their inbox. Firefly will issue a password-setting link for that user when they enter an email address that matches their SIMS user Primary field. Firefly will also use that email address when sending out notifications for tasks, messages and recommended pages etc.

Provided that email addresses are properly filled in, every SIMS staff member without a leaving date and every Single Registration/Main - Dual Registration student will be available as a user in Firefly.

Further configuration


Parents must have Parental Responsibility ticked for them to be brought through into Firefly. Parents also need a designated Title in SIMS. 

If you have teachers that are also parents, they need to be taken out as a parent on the student's profile. You should then add them back in, but when going through this select New and make sure that you use a personal email when going through the contact creation on the next screen.


A student's tutor will be the registration tutor of the student's registration group. This can be changed to bring through other supervisor roles if needed.