Preparing data - Synergetic

Learn the best way to prepare Synergetic before integrating with Firefly.

  1. Ensure that all email fields are correctly populated:
    • Staff: should have Occupation email populated.
    • Students: should have Occupation email populated.
    • Parents: should have Community email populated.
    For each user, Firefly will issue a password-setting link when they enter an email address that matches their Synergetic email address — they'll need access to that inbox to log in for the first time. Firefly will also use that email address when sending out notifications for tasks, messages and recommended pages etc.
  2. Ensure that all students have a status code. For students to appear in Firefly, they must have a status code applied. A status is normally applied to students to indicate whether or not they are new, repeating, on leave etc. By default, Firefly will pull in all students with a status of Normal. If you use any other codes, then we'll need to know what they are to ensure we pick up all required students. Below is an example of status codes:

    Status codeMeaning
    LOALeave of absence
    XExchange student

  3. For timetable events to appear in Firefly, they need to have a teacher, a room and have a FileType.  A FileType is used to denote the type of class for a timetable event. By default, we only pull through classes with FileType A. This usually corresponds to Academic. Other common FileTypes are M (Music) and S (Sports), which we don't pull through by default. You'll need to give us a list of all the FileTypes you wish to include.
  4. Check that staff belong to a category. For staff to appear in Firefly, they need to belong to a Category. Currently we read the default values in the Department field (like Senior, Junior, Librarian etc) but not custom values (like 5A English). Custom values in the Department field will in some cases prevent the staff member(s) from being pulled into Firefly. As far as Firefly is concerned, leaving the Department field blank is preferred.
  5. Review your groups. Give all your Classes, Tutor groups and Houses meaningful descriptions so that they're distinguishable in Firefly search results.