Selecting a theme and branding Firefly

Choose a theme or bring your brand into Firefly.

Premade themes

You can choose one of our pre-designed themes, each of which give a different feel to Firefly. 

Firefly has four pre-made themes: Melody, Nautilus, Folio and Storybook. For more information, refer to their pages:

Customised theme variations

At the plus and unlimited tiers, you can also customise the theme of Firefly to suit your school's brand. If you choose to customise, you pick a theme, then our expert team applies your colours to Firefly on the web. Please note that the colours might differ slightly in order to ensure your site is easily readable. For example, a different colour shade might be applied to make sure the text has enough contrast to be read clearly. 

At the unlimited tier, you can also feature your logo and extend branding to the Firefly for Parents, Firefly for Teachers and Firefly for Students apps and to emails sent by your school by request. After requesting, if you already have an existing customised theme, we'll apply those same colours and logo to the Firefly apps.

Ordering your theme

To order your theme, please go to