Preparing for a new academic year

We've gathered together all our tips and frequently asked questions on the end of year roll-over and how to prepare for the next academic year. 

You may want to forward some of these pages to teachers, your Firefly Administrator or Data Manager as appropriate.

We hope you find these pages useful but feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Changing your infrastructure

During the lifecycle of your Firefly setup/site there may be times when you choose to change the underlying infrastructure.

Exporting all markbooks to CSV

Export and keep the previous year's markbook data as CSV for analysis. You can export individual or multiple teachers' markbooks in one go.

Bulk archiving all tasks

Bulk archive tasks for all users in one go, so that everyone starts the new academic year with a clean slate.

Restricting access until the new academic year

You may want to include the new academic year's timetables and groups without displaying this to students and parents.

Adding new people to your MIS

Ensure that all the relevant fields are updated as you add new staff, students and parents to your MIS so that Firefly is ready to go when the new term comes. 

Keep up to date with the latest version

School may be out for summer, but we'll still be keeping to our release schedule. This means there will be new releases between now and the start of the new academic year.

Consider a training option for next year

We've put together a selection of training options that you can make use of to make ensure that new staff and those who might need a reminder have the opportunity to make the most out of Firefly. 

New academic year checklist

Go through this handy checklist before teachers and students return for the new academic year.

Saving Firefly pages to use offline

Save pages from Firefly offline so students can take their work or ePortfolios with them.

Training resources for new starters