Bulk archiving all tasks

Bulk archive tasks for all users in one go, so that everyone starts the new academic year with a clean slate.

Archiving tasks doesn't delete them, it just means that they're removed from the dashboards of the teachers, students and parents that any given task relates to.

Teachers with tasks that have been archived will be notified. They can unarchive any individual task if they so wish.

Bulk archiving won't affect the following:

  • Tasks that were set less than 1 month ago
  • Tasks with a due date in the future
  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Choose Archive Tasks.
  4. Set the date before which to archive tasks. All tasks older than the date you set will be archived. Tasks must be at least 1 month old to qualify for archiving.
  5. Select Archive Tasks.
  6. Review the bulk action.
  7. Select Archive Tasks to confirm.

Teachers with tasks that have been archived by this process will receive a message on their dashboard and an email letting them know. Teachers can select the link in either message to go straight to the tasks archive where they can review and unarchive any individual tasks.