Saving Firefly pages to use offline

Save pages from Firefly offline so students can take their work or ePortfolios with them.

If users want to use or view Firefly pages once they no longer have access to Firefly, they can save it locally. When they save a page offline, an exact replica of the page is saved, including all of the links and media added to it. When they save this page to their computer or to a USB, they can access it even when they no longer have access to Firefly. 

Pages need to be saved individually and the saved file should be updated if the page changes. If a user accesses a locally save page when they no longer have access to Firefly, they will be prompted to log in.

  1. Navigate to the Firefly page you want to save.
  2. Save the page:
    • If using Safari, right-click the screen and select Save Page As....
    • For Chrome, select File > Save Page As....
    • For Firefox, select Menu > Save Page.
  3. Rename the file.
  4. Choose the correct file format.
    • For Safari, choose .WebArchive.
    • For Chrome, choose Web Page, Complete.
    • For Firefox, choose Web Page, complete.
  5. Choose Save

To view your page, navigate to your saved file and double-click it. The page automatically opens an exact copy of the page in your web browser locally.