Using the Control Panel

Use the Control Panel to manage the site, run reports and set up the Parent Portal.

Control Panel overview

Learn to find your way around the Control Panel.

Modifying the site structure

Create menu sections or reorder them, change section names and permissions.

Running reports

Run reports on Firefly to easily get insight into how it is being used.

Exporting all task data

Generate a CSV file containing all the task data for your school.

Advanced site settings

Use Control Panel's Advanced tab to get immediate information on the database size, product key and the site code for use with the mobile apps. You can also perform advanced admin tasks.

Adding & editing users

Add, modify or delete Firefly users and bulk import users from a .CSV file.

Adding & editing groups

Add, modify or delete Firefly groups.

Resetting passwords

Manually reset a user's password on their behalf.

Setting up an AUP

Set up an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for users to sign before they can start using Firefly.