Control Panel overview

Learn to find your way around the Control Panel.

What can I do with the Control Panel?

The Control Panel allows the site (or section) administrator to control and monitor five main areas:

  • Structure - add, delete, or modify Firefly sites and sections.
  • Reports - display reports on hits, broken links, structure, and permissions as well as what's new and what's old
  • Advanced - set profile permissions, manage AUP signatures, archive tasks, and more (systems managers only)
  • Users - manage users and groups created in Firefly itself - this isn't relevant if users and groups are drawn from the Windows Active Directory or by integration with the school MIS
  • Plugin Configuration - configure reports, behaviour and attendance data as displayed on the Parent Portal student profiles
Only users with the highest access levels will be able to view all five section tabs. Those with restricted editing rights will see fewer tabs.

How can I access the Control Panel?

To access the Control Panel, select the more options button and choose Control Panel.