Creating, modifying & reordering sections

Add a new section to your site, modify an existing one or change the order your sections are displayed in.

Add Section

Used to create a new section, whether it is top level section or a child section. There are three tabs: Basic, Advanced and Permissions.


Allows you to enter a Title for the section and choose the Parent section from a drop-down menu. 


  • Leave the External link blank unless you want the browser to redirect to the given web address (e.g. instead of displaying the section's homepage.
  • Select the template from the drop-down list of installed templates (in most cases, leave as inherit).
  • Section type is left at Normal (there are no other options!)


  • Read and Write groups may be set as usual. Moderated Write Group is the group of users who will have moderated write permissions throughout this section.
  • Comment permissions allows control over which users can leave comments on pages on the section and which can leave moderated comments.

Modify Section

Choosing this option first brings up a dialog box asking which section is to be modified. It then brings up a dialog box identical to the Add Section box above (but labelled Modify Section instead) which gives access to the same controls but also includes two extra features in the Advanced tab:

  • Take ownership: the owner of a section will be notified if changes are made that need approval.
  • Hit statistics: allows a summary of hits on the section to be made, broken down as shown. The Date Filter tab allows the setting of a start date and an end date between which the hits are counted.

Reorder Sections

This allows the order in which the top level sections are displayed to be altered by clicking on a section name and dragging it up or down as appropriate. Sub-sections can be reordered in the same way. For example, to reorder the sub-sections of the top level, choose the appropriate link. Restore alphabetical ordering: does as it says!

Delete Section and Undelete Section

These are self explanatory and are not often used!