Running reports

Run reports on Firefly to easily get insight into how it is being used.

To run a report, open the Control Panel and select the Reports tab. 

Hit statistics

Similar to the hit statistics available from the Modify Section feature, except that it applies to top level sections and not to child sections. Choose from the Report scope drop-down, add time and group breakdowns (optional) and select Generate Report.

Link trawler

Allows you to identify pages which contain broken links. Choose from the Report scope drop-down, then select Generate Report to display a web-based report of all pages containing broken links (links to pages and resources on your Firefly site only; links to external addresses aren't included). The report can be exported to Excel for easier analysis if necessary. Each page containing a broken link is shown in the Page column along with details of the broken links.


This displays the top 20 for the biggest folders, biggest users and biggest files types being used on the site.

Structure & permissions

This allows you to view the structure of site, i.e. it gives a list of every site, section, page and resource and lists permissions, together with details of positions within the overall site structure. It may be exported to Excel for easier analysis.

What's new

Displays a report of recently created or updated pages. The definition of "recently" is set by the user. Select Generate Report to produce a web-based report such as the one to the right. Hits information is given along with other page data. This report may be used as a basis for an RSS feed.

What's old

This at first sight seems similar to the What's new report described above, but it includes useful information about when pages are about to expire or need to be updated. The What's old report box is set to highlight pages which haven't been updated in the last year and also to pages which have been set to expire within the next week. It also covers the entire site (Report scope = Entire site) but a top level section could also be selected from the Report scope drop-down menu. The report can be displayed as an RSS feed, thereby reminding the administrator when a page needs to be updated or replaced.