Google Classroom integration

Google Classroom is used by many teachers to manage their individual, classroom workflow. However, once we move beyond the classroom, this can lead to a fragmented, siloed environment with limited visibility for school leaders and parents. 

We want to shine a light on what's happening in the classroom as one part of the complete learning experience, enabling 360o views of a student across the entire scope of their school experience.

To support this, we are working to develop the ability to pull a student’s tasks, marks and feedback from Google Classroom into Firefly so they can fit into existing workflows. This gives teachers and students the freedom to work in the ways that best suit them, whilst allowing parents and school leaders greater insight into the learning process at their school.

Firefly is the anchor of a school’s core systems (Firefly, MIS and Google/Microsoft), multiplying the value of all their other systems. As a single, central hub, Firefly provides one core platform - not dozens of disconnected tools – enabling one “true view” into the school.