Overhaul of Firefly's markbook

Tracking student progress is a key aspect of assessment for learning, allowing teachers to guide and continuously adapt the learning journey of their students. For many teachers, their markbook is one of the cornerstones of pupil tracking and with this in mind we have some really exciting plans for the future of the Firefly markbook.

Initially, you may notice that the markbook looks a little different. We will be moving the existing markbook onto a new foundation that will allow us to make further feature additions in the months ahead.

Currently building

Marking and recording feedback is only part of the process; these marks also needs to be easy to read, understand and categorise. We are planning changes to the way marks are presented so that teachers can see at a glance a more detailed breakdown of the status of an individual piece of work along with the achievements of any student within the class as a whole.

Under future consideration

Of course the purpose of any markbook is to provide a reference point for the teacher, allowing them to understand the needs of their students. We are looking into what extra information would be valuable to teachers and how to incorporate that along with the task-specific feedback in the markbook, giving teachers a more rounded, holistic view of each class and their students. This will help teachers enable differentiated learning helping each of their pupils achieve their personal best, without adding complexity or burden for teachers.