Bring Firefly beyond the classroom with more ways to view Firefly on Apple devices

Today's modern digital habits mean that teachers, students and parents all work from wherever they are. To help users keep up with their busy lives, Firefly's iPhone and iPad apps are viewable on Apple devices in new ways. Users can change the orientation of the apps on all devices from portrait to landscape. Any apps viewed on an iPad support multitasking, so users can have Firefly open on one side of the screen and another app open on the other side so they can see everything they need to help them learn. They can also drag and drop certain files straight into Firefly from their iPads so they can incorporate learning tools from their iPads seamlessly into their assignments and feedback.

To help busy teachers work on the go, we've also released Firefly for Teachers on the iPhone, so teachers can keep up with the learning journey of students from wherever they are. 

How does this help your school?

 These new display options can help users work more productively:
  • Students using an iPad can work on tasks in lesson/at home alongside other applications that are complementary to the content of their work.
  • Teachers can create tasks in Firefly with it open alongside the content they want to include in the task and drag files and content into Firefly, helping them use more of the tools they love.
  • Teachers can view their tasks, marking and grading from their iPhones, helping them adapt to their busy lives.
  • Teachers can review work in another application and enter marks into Firefly with them both side by side.
  • All users can have a better view of information in the apps when orientating their device.