Incorporate curated content with Classoos

When teachers have the freedom to innovate in the classroom, they create better outcomes for students. Firefly knows how important it is for teachers to have seamless integrations with high quality content to use in their lessons and assignments. Teachers have a new easy option to add Classoos textbooks to their resources and tasks in Firefly. This integration makes it simple for teachers to add the texts they are using in class alongside their other resources, giving students more context and tools to help them understand the text and achieve their personal best.

Instead of logging into two distinct platforms to access textbooks, teachers can add their texts directly to their Firefly pages. Busy teachers and students won't need to remember multiple passwords and can instead find everything they need in Firefly's single, central hub. For teachers who don't a subscription to Classoos, they can pull texts from the visual library using a free 14 day trial. Students and teachers alike now have access to a wider variety of texts and tools without leaving Firefly.