New user experience: Navigation

  • To date, our navigation across our four different themes has been functional, but somewhat fragmented and hasn’t necessarily followed the latest industry standards for user experience and accessibility.
  • We’re going to completely rebuild the navigation experience and make it much easier for a user to find their way around the site
  • We’re going to flip the navigation, so that it now appears vertically along the left hand side of a page - just like many more modern apps - which will feel familiar yet still uniquely Firefly. This gives more vertical space on a page, so a user can see more without having to scroll.
  • We’re introducing  modern accessibility standards, to ensure that all users can access content, regardless of any particular needs they may have.
  • We’re going to pay close attention to responsiveness, so if you’re using a mobile device with a smaller screen, you’ll have a much better user experience.
  • The section navigation list will no longer be limited to 10 items
  • The navigation items will be configurable, so if as a school you do not use specific features, you can turn them off, keeping the interface personalised and free of distractions