OneDrive integration

Firefly is a strategic learning experience platform, and we understand the importance of bringing together many different types of tools into a single central hub. In order to help make OneDrive documents more accessible to the whole school community, it is now possible to integrate OneDrive more fully into Firefly. Teachers, and students can browse, view and add OneDrive files in Firefly, bringing greater visibility into the school experience. Users can access  these files across all of Firefly, including in tasks, resource pages, blogs and personal pages. Users with editing rights to a file will be able to access OneDrive directly from Firefly in order to make any changes to the document.

This integration saves teachers valuable time as it reduces the effort to add files that are stored in OneDrive and give teachers more flexibility to add the resources they want to in the classroom. When teachers have more options to add to their lessons, it facilitates greater collaboration amongst students and teachers.

For further information, visit the helpcentre guide.